RQDORelativistic Quantum Defect Orbital
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Lavin and Martin (44) employed the relativistic quantum defect orbital (RQDO) approach with an account for core polarization to calculate the oscillator strengths of the 5s5p [.sup.3]P - 5snd [.sup.3]D (n = 5-9) and 5s5p [.sup.3]P - 5sns [.sup.3]S (n = 6-10) transitions in In II and similar transitions in a few neighboring isoelectronic spectra.
The forbidden emission coefficients for intraconfiguration transitions [2p.sub.3/2] [right arrow] [2p.sub.1/2] along the boron sequence using the relativistic quantum defect orbital (RQDO) method were reported by Charro et al.