RQHRequest Queue Handler
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These findings could be related to Red Queen Hypothesis (RQH), Red Queen Race or Red Queen Effect according to which in order for an organism to survive in an ever changing environment it must consistently evolve by constantly adapting in a dynamic environment so as to have better reproductive advantage and to give rise to better, suitable and superior progeny (Van Valen, 1973; Bell, 1982).
HALOT also gives the Ugaritic cognate rqh in the phrase smn rqh ("the oil of the ointment - mixer").
Lines 16-21 should be read: nb hrsm yn' y'wr lk yn'b nh ynwysmts nqzw hsy'w sy' nm hwhw md' ynb nm 'rqh |s~ ('r) n'wkmh yxms y'r (!) lk lk blb ytbh' wnttw sylsw nysqw klm d'w nwtqw lwdg sr'h hzb (!) tw'.