RQIARegulation and Quality Improvement Authority
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In early March RQIA issued three notices of failure to comply with regulations.
RQIA was established under The Health and Personal Social Services (Quality, Improvement and Regulation) (Northern Ireland) Order 2003.
A spokesman from the home said: "A number of issues have been highlighted by the RQIA and we have had discussions with them.
The RQIA will be issuing a full report on the findings of the inspection on Ward 4F to the trust shortly.
As a result of our continued concerns, RQIA has issued four improvement notices to the NIAS.
The RQIA has ordered the home to repay residents who have covered the cost of such items.
The company added: "There has not, therefore, been any opportunity for Runwood staff to engage with RQIA to address any concerns that they had.
However, during the inspection in June the RQIA team found a unit in the home was understaffed for 12 hours.
While none of the other Trusts were in the same position as Belfast, RQIA has made a number of recommendations for concerted action across the region to improve the delivery of unscheduled care.
During an inspection in April, the RQIA discovered the home used residents' money to pay for mattresses, pillows, bedding, curtains and chairs.
The progress being made by the RQIA Team reviewing Emergency Departments (EDs) across Northern Ireland.
In January, the Minister commissioned the RQIA to carry out an inspection of the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) ED and Acute Medical Unit (AMU) to assess the quality of care and dignity afforded to patients; and to conduct a further wider review of the arrangements for unscheduled care within the Belfast Trust and for regional co-ordination and escalation.