RQLQuery Language for Rdf Schema
RQLRatcheting Quick Load (bike rack component)
RQLRejectable Quality Level
RQLReddot Query Language
RQLRelational Query Language
RQLRecursive Query Language (database query language)
RQLRugby Quercy Lot (rugby clubs; Quercy, France)
RQLRhinitis Quality of Life (allergy research)
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If the standard RQL set for this kind of "critical" defect is RQL = 1% (with AQL set close to 0.1%), then generally the process running with RDL = 0.12% will pass the ASP testing about 95% of the time.
Reciprocal Quantum Logic (RQL) is one of the high speed low power consumption superconductive logics.
The rejectable quality level (RQL) will be set to 0.2 (i.e., [p.sub.2] = 0.2).
Similarly, when the quality of collected lot of used items is below RQL (with probability [G.sub.3]), the associate expected profit per period [TP.sub.3](Q, [Q.sub.0]) is
Scholl, "Rql: a declarative query language for rdf," in Proceedings of the 11th international conference on World Wide Web (WWW '02), pp.
The measure states that pay-TV retailers who have acquired any exclusive content on or after 12 March 2010--MDA defines such content as "qualified content"--must widen the distribution of such content by offering it to other subscribers through the set-top boxes of any Subscription Nationwide Television Service Licensee, or "Receiving Qualified Licensee" (RQL), under MDA's Media Market Conduct Code (MMCC).
This is actually possible by virtue of the knowledge query languages such as RQL (RDF Query Language), DQL (DAML Query Language) or SPARQL, which allow to impose queries like "who is the member of development team, dealing with application X".
RDFSuite is being developed at FORTH -ICS in Greece and comprises the Validating RDF Parser (VRP), the Schema-Specific Data Base (RSSDB) and interpreters for the RDF Query Language (RQL) and RDF Update Language (RUL).
Radu Iftode, who moved to the UK seven years ago and has been teaching maths at secondary schools on Teesside, has launched Romanian Quality Living (RQL), the British branch of a well-established Romanian estate agent.
Mobility with Pocket PCs: users will be able to create any number of Graphic User Interfaces using the Red Dot RQL interface.
Furthermore, they appear to cause Conflict/Tension, which provides support for "ineffective" forms of both RQl and RQ2.