RQMSRegimental Quartermaster Sergeant (warrant officer at regimental level in British and Australian Army)
RQMSReliability and Quality Measurements for Telecommunications Systems (EIRUS)
RQMSRoll Quality Management System (software)
RQMSReliability and Quality Measurments for Telecommunications Systems (TL 9000)
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Randall and Quilter said that the sale of RQMS is part of the targeted disposal strategy referred to in the group's November trading update, which will enable the group to focus on its core strengths.
The outage duration calculations are based on the stringent criteria defined in Telcordia's 929 RQMS.
Compaq is a funding member of the Technical Forum for the new RQMS Issue 4 General Requirements Specification.
RQMS 1 Para Regt: "It could have been avoided, it was so hostile the hairs stood up on back of my neck when in Al Majarr.
He also recalls Warrant Officers Class Two of 1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders changing to the "single crown" badge of rank several years after the war, leaving the RQMS as the sole wearer of the crown and laurel leaves.
Ms Meehan said a file on a solider that could be RQMS Waugh was expected next week.
My family history is that RQMS Edwin Howard Rice, MSM, 51st Bn, AIF, spent some time in Ireland before being returned to Australia.
RQMS Smith said: "Everyone looked after the dog but I was the first one he met so he was just loyal to me.
Tiger's first visitor, RQMS Smith, said: "We want to find an owner soon so they can begin bonding with him as soon as he is in the kennels.