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RQSRescue Squadron (US DoD)
RQSRemote Access Quarantine Service
RQSRescue Squadron (USAF)
RQSRegional Qualifying Score (gymnastics)
RQSRegistered Quantity Surveyor (Nigeria)
RQSRaytown Quality Schools (Raytown, MO)
RQSRate Quote System
RQSRecoverable Queuing Service
RQSRequirement Qualification Set (design)
RQSRapid Quality Systems Ltd. (Dundee University Incubator; UK)
RQSReady Qualified for Stand-By
RQSResponsable Qualité Sécurité (French: Quality Safety Manager; various organizations)
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The 66th RQS conducted a ceremonial toast to the 12 Airmen and unveiled a 20th anniversary shadow box, containing pieces from the crash site belonging to the aircrew and aircraft.
[H.sub.2n-6] [mathematical expression not reproducible] Olefins, RQ constant naphthenes, or cycloparaffin, [C.sub.n] [H.sub.2n] Alcohols, RQ is constant [C.sub.n] [Th.sub.2n+2]O * The RQs for olefins, naphthenes, cycloparaffins, and alcohols are same; thus a blend of these fuels will not change RQ values and dry gas percentage will remain the same for both pure fuels and blends of arbitrary percentage at given equivalence ratio (refer to the Appendix).
The time-sharing service of customers between SQ and RQs is analogous to half-duplex transmissions of packets in wireless relay networks, that is, only either BS or RN can transmit at a time slot.
(1) If there exist RQs which are nonempty and connected, serve a customer from the longest queue among the connected RQs.
In general, more R&D locations produce better outcomes, reflected in higher RQs. The inference is that the extra locations provide access to wider areas of knowledge.
Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, she is matching firms' RQs to data reaching back to 1987, from the Survey of Industrial Research and Development and its successor, the Business R&D and Innovation Survey.
When the Iraqi airfield at Tallil tell on 4 April, one of the first flying units to arrive was a detachment of rescue helicopters and PJs from the 301st and 304th RQS. (2) After the installation of supporting communications, their crews went on immediate alert.
(13) Two Air Force HH-60s from the 66th RQS, led by Maj Chris Barnett and using the call signs Vampire 25 and 26, scrambled to pick up the crew members, who landed 80 miles southwest of Karbala.
Mike Shook, 305th RQS commander, said his unit has been assisting the 55th with local orientation flights, maintenance, PJ training and facilities setup since last fall.
Healy, 55th RQS squadron commander, and discussed the needs, expectations and challenges that would face both squadrons in the initial months alter the 55th's activation.