RRBMReally Really Big Man (Rocko's Modern Life)
RRBMRisk-Reducing Bilateral Mastectomy (breast cancer)
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Charlotte's perspective suggests that she understands the gravity of the decision she faces, and is anticipating that the ramifications of prepregnancy RRBM might become difficult when she has children.
Beth's prior experience as a nursing mother contributed to her clearly expressed, powerful concern about the well-being of her children, and her ability to see RRBM between pregnancies as a way to protect both her current and future children and herself.
Branson was preparing for a second pregnancy and planned to undergo RRBM soon after, maximizing her certainty that her children would be spared the trauma of her death.
Further, she was motivated to pursue RRBM while they were young, to minimize the risk of having to deal with a diagnosis or more difficult surgery when they were older and experiencing important milestones, which she might miss if she were coping with a serious mutation-related health issue:
Rylan (34, long-term relationship) recalled conversations with her partner about the tradeoff between RRBM and breastfeeding:
And I said, "Well, I don't think that's a big deal compared to getting cancer and possibly not being around !or them, to bring them up, I think breastfeeding is something I'm willing to sacrifice." Rylan made it clear that the timing of her RRBM was primarily her decision; her discussion with her fiance was primarily focused on bringing him around to her perspective.