RRCAPRegional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific (Asian Institute of Technology; Bangkok, Thailand)
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They report the highest rates of infant mortality, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, excessive poverty, poor housing, high unemployment rates and suicide (RRCAP 1996c).
The residential school program which operated from 1845 until 1983 with the stated purpose of forced assimilation, created a whole generation of First Nations people who were raised in institutions where, besides losing their family, culture and language, underwent mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse (Chrisjohn, Young and Maroun 1997; RRCAP 1996a).
Situating it within the more flexible Continuing Education Department would help overcome the serious access barriers to education that Aboriginal people experience (RRCAP 1996c).
We returned to the second meeting, armed with a copy of the recently released Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People (RRCAP 1996) which strongly recommended that universities make themselves more accessible to Aboriginal people.
Understanding that 'white' educational institutions have the potential to both liberate and oppress Aboriginal people (Harris 1993), the Canadian Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples challenged mainstream educational institutions to create new relationships with First Nations students, professionals and communities (RRCAP 1996).