RRDSRelative Record Data Set
RRDSReduced Resolution Data Set
RRDSRecords Retention and Disposition Schedule
RRDSRegional Resource Development Specialist
RRDSReuters Reference Data System
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RRDS believes thai this drawback can be largely overcome by making the processing algorithms more resilient to parameter error.
In a separate but related effort, RRDS (in conjunction with the UK's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency) is working on a new Type 675(2) set-on correlator.
The FL 18005 combines RRDS's SADIE ESM processor and Cutlass man-machine interface with DBA-developed systems to provide a surface-ship ESM/jamming suite.
There is a number of limitations in this study, including its retrospective nature as well as the lack of a control group of RRDs treated with combined procedure.
The RRDS Cygnus radar jammer and the CSEE Dagaie decoy launcher were fitted aboard an unidentified class of Kuwaiti warship that is probably no longer operational.
The RRDS-Litton FBAH bid centers on an IHEWS variant, with RRDS undertaking 100% of any UK manufacture associated with the program, UK-specific modifications or through-life logistic support.
Obviously, the Litton RRDS offer best fits the Longbow Apache, but sources indicate that IHEWS variants will be offered for whichever airframe is selected.
The Octopus program is a collaborative venture between RRDS and Telefunken System Technik, with the latter providing |pounds~15 million worth of system parts into it.
Begun in the mid-1980s, the Scorpion is a naval radar jammer covering the 7.5- to 18-GHz frequency range and is currently in service with what RRDS terms "two overseas customers." Designed for full integration with one of the company's range of surface-ship ESM systems, the Scorpion is made up of one or two dual antenna units (dependent on ship type), a system processor and one or two (dependent on the number of antenna units used) equipment and transformer boxes.