RREGRandall-Reilly Events Group (est. 1998)
RREGRoute Requests Event Generator
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When we added RREG, we obtained a significant [R.sup.2] = 0.487 for the two variables (RE+RREG), with a significance of p < 0.03 compared to the one of RE alone.
They want to trace an Rreg Rover with peeling purple-tinted windows spotted in Charterhouse Avenue at 12.15am.
PRICE GUIDE: Only around pounds 750 will be needed privately for an early '98 Rreg Cuore+ 5dr.
(22.) We use the rreg command from STATA, which uses a mixture of Huber weights and biweights to reweight the regression.
Robust regression procedures are available in some commonly used software packages, such as Stata's "rreg" procedure (Stata Corporation 2003; Hamilton 1998).
In contrast to standard robust regression such as that offered in Stata's rreg, the outlier accommodation is explicitly included in the model formulation by entering these [[lambda].sub.i] terms into the model, as opposed to using user-specified tuning constants.
We conducted a simulation study to compare the stability of coefficient estimates across standard linear regression, the Bayesian outlier accommodation model, and the robust regression procedure as implemented by "rreg" in Stata (3) when statistical outliers are present in the data.
Robust regressions are based on the rreg algorithm described in StataCorp (2001).
Just pounds 10,995 buys an 85,000-mile 4.0i V8 SE on 1995 Mplate, but a 2.5 turbo-diesel is preferable - a 55,000-mile 1997 Rreg 2.5 DSE is pounds 14,000 and should give a combined figure of 25mpg which is reasonable.
Therefore, the robust regression method using iteratively reweighted least squares (Huber and Tukey bi-square weight function) with rreg routine in Stata/SE 8.1 for Windows (Stata Corp., College Station, TX, USA) was used.
The ANOVAs were performed using the rank regression function RREG available in the Minitab[R] statistical software package.