RREPRoute Reply
RREPRespiratory-Related Evoked Potential
RREPRapid Response Education Programme (various locations)
RREPRadio Reconnaissance Equipment Program
RREPRural Renewable Energy Program (various locations)
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Once the RREP is received by the first hop of the reverse path, the identity of the replying node is determined, and the value of the trust field is modified accordingly.
However in case the SN gets an RREP for the RIP, then it means that, there is a black hole in that route.
Node C becomes the salvor, it saves the RREP message, and then it broadcasts a [RREQ.sub.SRR].
The destination immediately sends the route to the source using a Route Reply (RREP) packet without waiting for the time window to expire.
When the destination is located or any intermediate node that has fresh enough route to the destination node, RREP is generated.
The originating node create a route request message and broadcast the message, each intermediate node receiving the RREQ, and search in his route table to find destination if not founded With each new hop, the intermediate node adds its address to the routing request packet, therefore the packet size is increasing each time it is forwarded, then adding to its route table a path for the sender node, and finally the RREQ broadcasting again, While RREQ reaches its destination or an intermediate node that has a path to it, the RREP packet is created and sent back to the source.
In case there is, the node creates a route reply message (RREP) and sends it back to the source on the inverse route.
sNpBDS incorporates an additional mechanism based on linear regression [25] which predicts the threshold value of the destination sequence number of the RREP packet.
Usually sender node sending RREQ packet to adjacent node, if may be RREQ given to Selfish, that node is not send any RREP to sender node.
Brenton joined RREP at the firm's inception in 2010 and led the successful raise of their first investment fund.
The addition of RREP brings two real estate finance experts to Cantor and also strengthens the company's presence in the "middle market" of commercial property lending in the country, the buyer's spokeswoman Sheryl Lee said in an e-mailed statement to the news agency.