RREPSRadiation from Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures
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When the destination is located or any intermediate node that has fresh enough route to the destination node, RREP is generated.
ii) Accepting the RREP from a node in the network based on its credit value.
RREPs which are produced during RD and RM creating broadcast storm.
AODV uses gratuitous RREPs but, due to the use of HELLO messages and local link repair, it causes more routing load than DSR-orig.
The destination, or an intermediate node that has a route to the destination, replies to the source using a Route Reply packet (RREP), which contains the complete route from destination to source.
The destination immediately sends the route to the source using a Route Reply (RREP) packet without waiting for the time window to expire.
In LOADng [1], only the destination of the RREQ will reply by generating and unicasting an RREP (Route Reply) to the originator of the RREQ.
As usual, S responds to the RREP by sending the data to D through BH.
sNpBDS incorporates an additional mechanism based on linear regression [25] which predicts the threshold value of the destination sequence number of the RREP packet.
Node C becomes the salvor, it saves the RREP message, and then it broadcasts a [RREQ.sub.SRR].