RRERRoute Error Message
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We design the control packet based on the RRER packet, and the format is shown in Table 3.
Node IP Phase (60 sec) IP1 IP2 IP3 IPn Phase 1 107 95 85 130 Phase 2 130 100 89 128 Phase 3 120 104 97 110 Phase i 125 115 100 103 TABLE 2: The format of RRER packets.
In the subsequent analysis, the three measures of export composition are compared with each other and also with Pakistan's real GDP growth (PGDPG), Pakistan's real export growth (PEXPG), world real GDP growth (WGDPG), and real effective exchange rate (RRER).
In communications, each node receives lots of packets from the nodes within its transmission range, including RREQ, RREP, RRER, and HELLO packets.
The RRER includes the addresses of all nodes along the path from the node discovering the broken link to the source node, as well as the addresses of the two nodes on either side of the broken link.
RRER to the source, but Control and data packets it saves a potential have higher overhead.
One additional scale, The Revised Response to Empathy Rating Scale (RRERS) provided significant inter-rater reliability and was designed to measure counselors' responses to problems presented by clients (Elliott et al., 1982).