RRFSRate-Rule Filing Schedule (various locations)
RRFSRadio Research Field Station
RRFSRegional Recurrence-Free Survival (cancer)
RRFSregistered recreation facility supervisor
RRFSRifle River Folk Strings (Michigan Traditional American Music Band)
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In a study including 8 patients with pathogenic mtDNA mutations, no RRFs or COX deficiency was found.[11] A previous study indicated that 9 of the 31 mtDNA mutation participants had mitochondrial myopathy pathology.[23] In our study, RRFs or subsarcolemmal mitochondrial proliferation and the muscle fibers with reduced or completely absent COX activity were found in only 3 patients with biopsied ages after 9 years, none in patients with early onset.
Although in the study of Domingues and co-workers (2006), in which they estimated the RRFs with [.sup.99m]Tc-DTPA and [.sup.99m]Tc-EC were compared with the results of [.sup.99m]Tc-DMSA.
On the basis of the RRFs, phytosterol contents were determined using the following equation:
Based on the RRF of each compound and the internal standard, internal standard quantification can be applied to a wide range of classes of species for quantitative analysis, whatever the variation of sample preparation and analytical instrument [60].
As noted earlier, GPPDs, or group profiles, permit the use of either shortened Resettlement Registration Forms (RRFS) for chosen members of a grouping or, in the case of the United States Priority 2 (90) referral, the direct transmission of basic bio data without RRFS.
Also shown in Table 4 are the relative recovery factors (RRF) with respect to benzene set at 100% for TDGC-EI-MS analysis of L-WS and G-WS.
The SERB will closely mirror the central selection board process for promotions and will consider the member's decorations, RRF, training and performance reports, and officer selection brief.
Maine EMS responders complete a run report form (RRF) for each emergency assistance call.
Background: Myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibers (MERRF) syndrome is characterized by myoclonus, generalized epilepsy, cerebellar ataxia, and ragged red fibers (RRFs) in the muscle.
We generated response factors relative to the performance standard (RRFs) for each of the compounds in the standard mixture.