RRGRisk Retention Group (insurance industry)
RRGRed River Gorge (outdoor recreation area in Kentucky)
RRGReligious Rehabilitation Group (Singapore)
RRGReichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft (German radio broadcast company network)
RRGRodrigues Island, Mauritius - Rodrigues (Airport Code)
RRGRichie Ranno Group (band)
RRGResearch Review Group
RRGRed Red Groove (band)
RRGRequirements Review Group
RRGRights and Resources Group
RRGRemote Receiver Group
RRGReady Reaction Group
RRGRegional Resource Guide (USACE)
RRGRats Riders Gang (French bicycling group)
RRGRobust Robotics Group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
RRGReal Real Genuine (clothing company)
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In the following sections, we aim to analyse the various alternating realizations of the location argument in the constructions illustrated in the three tables presented above by using the analytical tools of RRG.
RRG creator Tracie Romanik pays similar attention to an active reader's experience of a text in her commentary on a history paper's thesis statement: "We, as readers, use the author's thesis to better understand where the paper is going.
We thank RRG Toyota and Barclays for their support, along with Greenhead Masonic Lodge and the supporting breweries.
The blast claimed life of best RRG shooter Atta Mohammad and injured inspector Abdur Razzaq, constable Sabir Hussain, soldier Sana Ullah and Badul Waheed.
The issue of the ability of RRGs not to be licensed in all states outside of the domiciliary state was raised by state regulators as recently as several weeks ago at an industry conference in Washington, D.
RRG supports its client communities in revaluations, rate setting, data analysis, inspection of commercial and residential property, and tax appeals and abatements, according to the company's website.
The campaign, formally called "Instruments of Change in Our Community," seeks to prevent another expansion of the CWM Chemical Services, LLC landfill in the Town of Porter, a facility RRG members like Henderson say contribute to a high volume of hazardous waste haulers on local roads.
To qualify as a RRG, the firm must be an insurance entity composed of owners or members of an association connected by similar business practices and encountering similar liability exposures.
Similar RRG debates around the country have prompted a federal Government Accountability Office investigation that many in the industry hope will lend clarity to the issue.
The dealers from whom the customers can avail discount include Machargs, Glasgow, G11 6JY; Romford Mazda, Romford, RM5 3ND; RRG Mazda, Manchester, M7 2YJ; MKG300 Mazda, Twickenham, TW1 4AZ; and Vospers Mazda, Exeter, EX1 3RS.
Date Expansion Begins (Trough) MSA RRG Yrs Early Recovery 2009 1Q09 Metro DC 3.