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Firstly, RPL, RS and RRGP were weighed in proportion, and were extracted with boiling water for 1.5 h twice.
Sample solutions of RRGP and Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae.
GQDG is a combination of four raw herbs, including RPL, RC, RS and RRGP. Isoflavonoids in RPL, flavonoids in RS, alkaloids in RC, saponins and flavonoids in RRGP are pharmacologically active compounds.
absorption maxima of most compounds were observed at 250 nm for RPL, 346 nm for RC, 280 nm for RS, and 270 nm for RRGP. At 270 nm, maximum peaks were obtained and major components were satisfactorily separated in GQDG chromatogram.
The reference ingredients are puerarin for RPL, berberine for RC, glycyrrhizin for RRGP, baicalin for RS and GQDG, respectively.
The results of precision, repeatability and stability tests revealed that all the RSDs of the relative retention times did not exceed 1.4%, and that, with RSD less than 5.0% in relative peak areas, there were 29 common peaks in GQDG, 8 in RPL, 10 in RS, 9 in RC and 16 in RRGP. Several maximum RSD values of the relative peak areas were obtained for a few constituents owing to their low contents.
To obtain the fingerprints, 10 batches of GQDG, RPL, RS, RC and RRGP were analyzed, respectively, with the method developed.
The similarity coefficients were 0.992 for GP, 0.998 for RS, 0.993 for RC and 0.984 for RRGP. which displayed a fair consistency in the constituents.
Glycyrrhizin, isolated from RRGP, could neither be analyzed in negative nor positive ion mode.
Comparing the retention time and UV spectrum of the raw materials, we knew that peaks 4, 6, 8, 9,10, 12, and 25 were from RPL; peaks 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 were from RS; peak 23 was from RRGP; and peaks 16,17,19, 21 and 22 were from RC.
Identification of chemical compounds in GQDG fingerprint from RRGP. Peak 23 showed UV absorption at 276 nm.
3 shows the qualitative correlation between GQDG and RPL (a), or RS (b), or RC (c), or RRGP (d).