RRGSRegister Risicosituaties Gevaarlijke Stoffen (Dutch: Register Risk Hazardous Substances)
RRGSRangi Ruru Girls' School (Merivale, Christchurch, New Zealand)
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The simulated RRGS mechanism outperforms the netting systems when both liquidity savings and payment delays are taken into account.
Because an RRGS system does not rely on a bank's balance, but only a bank's receipts to trigger the release of payments, the history of a bank's submission of RTGS payments does not affect the release of its payments from the queue.
We find that, unlike an RTGS system, both netting and RRGS queuing systems introduce delays to payments.
The simulations in this article indicate that an RRGS system reduces significantly more overdrafts than a six-hour netting system would, with considerably less delay in payments.
The 35 percent delay statistic is roughly five times that of one-hour net settlement and, as we will see, is nearly three times that of RRGS.