RRHResponsable Ressources Humaines (French: Human Resources Manager)
RRHRidgecrest Regional Hospital (Ridgecrest, CA)
RRHRemote Radar Head
RRHRéseau Régional d'Hygiène de Basse-Normandie
RRHRight Running Head (academic publications)
RRHRitchie Residence Hall (University of Akron)
RRHRubber Reversion Hydroplaning (skidding on melting rubber due to superheated steam from water trapped between the airplane tires and runway)
RRHRural and Remote Health Initiative (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
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Field engineers, contractors, and technicians can read RRH manufacturer information as well as RRH SFP data to validate wavelength and line rate with the option installed on the MT1000A.
According to official RAF literature, RAF Boulmer either detects an aircraft behaving suspiciously using its own RRHs or from information supplied by NATS.
Integrating an antenna with RRH reduces the amount of electrical loss that occurs inside conventional antennas, and when RRH and antennas are joined with a conventional cable connection.
In addition, it is quite significant that expenditures per household on equipment and machinery are significantly higher on average for the RRH group in the rural areas, which indicates that these migrant families are in fact investing remittances in productive activities.
Table I: Comparitive study of existing nemo support protocols Comparison Network Characteristics Strength Mobility Support Protocol NEMO BSP Bi-directional tunneling Preserves location privacy RRH MIP Route Optimization Reduces the pinball routing ARO MIPv6 RouteOptimization Reduces Packet overhead NERON Uses Unsolicited Resolves pinball routing Neighbor Advertisement and hence reduces the (UNA) message convergence time.
Over-the-air (OTA) measurements are a new feature that allows technicians to spot-check coverage and signal quality to ensure RRH performance without taking the cell site offline.
Because RRH is an electronic journal it affords authors timely publication on an article-by-article basis.
The new series also allows flexible configuration as the RRH and main controller can be connected by optical fiber.
But, he stressed, the firm this year has already completed IOT (interoperability testing) of its products with several key clients, including Samsung, Alvarion and Huawei, and started supplying RRH (remote radio heads) to Samsung and Alvarion.
Noteworthy of mention also is Comba Telecom in the TMA segment along with Andrew and AceAxis for RRH.
Active antennas could themselves affect the RRH market as that function is now incorporated into the active antenna.
as a proprietary trading analyst, and he began his investment career as a credit analyst and portfolio manager at RRH Capital Management.