RRHARichmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority
RRHARoanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (Roanoke, VA)
RRHARainwater Harvesting Association
RRHAReplaced Right Hepatic Artery
RRHARegional Redevelopment and Housing Authority
RRHARapid Reaction Humanitarian Agency
RRHARight Replaced Hepatic Artery
RRHAResidual Right Heart Anomalies
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In LHA type 285(62.6%) cases, segment IV artery arose from normal LHA with normal RHA in 200(70.2%) cases, form normal LHA with rRHA in 60(21%) cases.
A spot with content of clay + silt + fine sand from 700 to 750 g x [kg.sup.-1] in vineyard 2 may be associated with Cambissolos (CXve1, CXve2, and CXve3) and the transition to Neossolo (RRha), with diagonal geometry suggesting the influence of slope, very strong in this zone.
In future, all charges that arise in terms of abusing a religious faith will have to be initiated by reference to the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 (RRHA).
RRHA currently is in the process of integrating the chosen software, converting the data and training staff with the help of the consultant.
In this instance, any application of the RRHA's policy that violates the First Amendment can be remedied through as-applied litigation.