RRIVR-R Interval Variation (neurology)
RRIVRubber Research Institute of Vietnam (Vietnam General Rubber Corporation)
RRIVResting Rate Interval Variability
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The R-R interval variation and RRIV with hyperventila- tion studies (RRIV HV) were performed using two cup electrodes placed on the precordial region and results were evaluated according to the formula de- scribed by Shahani.6Data Analysis: NCSS (Number Cruncher Statistical System) 2007 Statistical Software (Utah USA) was used for statistical analyses.
Abnormal RRIV were recorded in 41 (53.2%) cases and abnormal RRIV HV were recorded in55 cases (71.4%) cases of leprosy.
Table-III: Distrubution of sensory and motor nerve impairment in patients with abnormal RRIV.
###RRIV normal RRIV abnormal Total###p###RRIV normal RRIV abnormal###Total###p
Leprosy Table-IV: Distrubution of sensory and motor nerve impairment in patients with abnormal RRIV HV.
Recently, two simple and non-invasive tests, R-R interval variation (RRIV)[10] and sympathetic skin response (SSR)[10, 11], have been used to assess autonomic function.
The vagal parasympathetic function was assessed with RRIV during rest and deep breathing (DB), whereas the sympathetic function was assessed with SSR and early steady-state blood pressure and heart rate response during an orthostatic test.
Methods: RRIV, SSR and blood pressure measurements were performed between 10 h 30 and 11 h 30.
Five groups of 20 sweeps were recorded after 5 min rest in the supine position as rest RRIV, and two groups were recorded during forced DB at 6 breaths/min, allowing 5 s for inspiration and 5 s for expiration, as DB RRIV.
The average of five recordings during rest was termed rest RRIV and that of two recordings during deep breathing, DB RRIV.