RRLARodney Robinson Landscape Architects (Wilmington, DE)
RRLARecord Retention Limitation Agreement (taxation)
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For the RRLA program, candidates were given ten study questions, two of which showed up as mandatory questions on the exam.
Although the RRLA faculty rewrote some comps questions each year, those faculty who scored the exams began to notice similarities between candidates' responses due to the fact that candidates studied together and often memorized similar, if not identical, responses to the study questions.
At the same time, IRS policy gives appropriate consideration to a taxpayer's request for an RRLA. Thus, if the Service initially rebuffs a business, the business should elevate its request to a higher level within the Service.
At the same time, the availability of RRLAs is an opportunity to limit the records that must be retained and the attendant costs of maintaining those records.
* Some taxpayers have decentralized accounting systems and the burden on the IRS and the taxpayer resources to identify files for a RRLA is too great.
* Many taxpayers are changing so rapidly with mergers and spin-offs that any list of files to retain on a RRLA is virtually impossible to keep up-to-date.
Jones stated that the use of RRLAs tends to ebb and flow.
98-25 established a new standard for RRLAs, which taxpayers view as an opportunity to identify records that specifically do not have to be maintained.
A few Districts issued RRLAs and updated existing ones upon request.
Overall, the number of RRLAs has decreased over the last year.
We believe that RRLAs are beneficial for taxpayers and the IRS alike and, consequently, believe the tone and emphasis of section 10 of the procedure is at odds with the spirit of the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act and the revised IRS Mission.
In order to address this, the IRS should consider broadening the availability of RRLAs.