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RRNARibosomal Ribonucleic Acid
RRNARolls-Royce North America Inc. (Reston, VA)
RRNARita Ranch Neighborhood Association (Tucson, AZ)
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Based on morphological characteristics and 16S rRNA gene analysis, the seven isolates of rice endophytic actinomycetes were belong to Streptomyces spp.
Based on comparison of 16S rRNA gene sequence (1484 bp) with closely related type strains, at least seven species showed the similarity values above 97% with strain NCCP-54T.
ORMA was first applied to the design of probes targeting 16S rRNA genes, but it can also be used on any set ofhighly correlated sequences.
The archaeal 16S rRNA genes and deduced amino acid sequences of mcrA gene were aligned with Clustal X ver.
The amplification of the nitrogen regulatory gene ntcA (approach that specifically targets cyanobacteria) was used to identify novel Synechococcus clades with considerably higher resolution than the 16S rRNA sequences [11,13].
The 16S rRNA gene was amplified using Platinum PCR Supermix kit (Invitrogen) on Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler personal/PTC 100.
Polymerase chain reactions targeting part of the mitochondrial CO 1 and 16S rRNA genes were performed after optimisation using gradient PCR.
aureusforam diferenciados uns dos outros, com base nas caracteristicas dos seus produtos de PCR da regiao X do gene spa e a regiao do gene coa, assim como tambem as dimensoes e os numeros de produtos de PCR amplificados da regiao espagadora entre 16S e 23S do rRNA. Os tamanhos dos produtos de PCR da regiao X do gene spavariou de 290 a 380 pbaproximadamente.
malariae which has a deletion of 19 bp and seven substitutions of base pairs in the target sequence of the small-subunit rRNA gene, discovering the same sequence variations in P.
koalarum (1), 7 isolates were grouped into 4 biovars (a-d), and 16S rRNA sequencing demonstrated high similarity (97.6%-99.8%).
The 16S rRNA gene was amplified using primer F (5'-AGA GTTT GAT CCT GGC TCAG -3') and primer R (5'-CTT GTG CGGG CCCCC GTC AATTC-3').
De manera paralela, Mendez desarrolla la descripcion de 17 concepciones relacionadas--en forma directa o indirecta--con las RRNA: arancel, autorizacion sanitaria, barreras no arancelarias, certificado de cupo, cuotas compensatorias, certificado fitosanitario, certificado zoosanitario para importacion, hoja de requisitos fitosanitarios, hoja de requisitos zoosanitarios, mercancias, medidas de politica comercial, medidas de salvaguarda, Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM), permisos previos de exportacion o importacion, regulaciones, restricciones y regulaciones y restricciones no arancelarias.