RRNCRadon-Resistant New Construction
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If q is an optimal solution to the RRNC, the corresponding optimal objective value of the WCS problem must be zero.
The reserve capacity value is calculated by [[mu].sup.*] [[SIGMA].sub.i, j] [q.sup.*.sub.ij], where [[mu].sup.*] is the robust solution of the RRNC problem and [q.sup.*.sub.ij] is the corresponding travel demand pattern.
Table 3 reports the solutions of the reserve capacity value from two RNC problems with [q.sup.0] = (400, 800, 600, 200) and q = (600, 1050, 950, 100) separately and two RRNC problems with Q defined in the ellipsoid region ([theta] = 1.0) and the polyhedral region ([gamma] = 0.5).
Nine houses in our study were found to have an active radon mitigation system installed, while 15 homes had RRNC (passive systems).
RRNC in New Jersey was codified by Subchapter 10 "Radon Hazard Subcode" of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code in 1990, requiring builders of any new construction in Tier 1 areas of the state, such as Hillsborough Township, to install radon-resistant features like installing piping for a radon mitigation system, installing a plastic liner under the foundation to serve as a vapor barrier, and sealing openings with polyurethane caulk (NJDEP, 2010a, 2010b).
La reduccion de la di versidad genetica evaluada a traves de la caracterizacion morfologica es atribuible al uso de un mayor numero de rasgos botanicos neutrales (68%) tales como CHA, CP, CET, CER, CHE, LLC, ALC, RLA, LP, CeT, CRT, A1R y PAP, y con respecto a los rasgos agronomicos propiamente dichos (32%) como NE, LMR, DMR, PPRE RRC y RRNC. La mayor diversidad genetica detectada a traves de la caracterizacion molecular es atribuible a que frecuentemente las entradas de yuca tienen un mismo origen genetico.
(3) During the RRNC workshop, one of the presenters mentioned a radon mitigation course he taught in which many of the participants had not tested their homes for radon.