RRPEReview of Radical Political Economics (journal)
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Our results also indicated that there was a considerable difference between the values of parameters modeled by HDE and RRPE. Values of parameters modeled using RRPE were high, which might be due to the exponential function (exp) in RRPE.
In our study, the highest attack rate (a) modeled using HDE at 25[degrees]C was 1.3203 [+ or -] 0.0415 [d.sup.-1] and modeled by RRPE was 4.295e+03 [d.sup.-1].
Type II functional response curves fitted by Roger's random parasitoid equation (RRPE) of Aphidius gifuensis against Myzus persicae at various temperatures.
Its test for fluid resistance--in which the material's resistance to gasoline, brake fluid, windshield washer solvent, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and diesel at 70[degrees]C is measured--showed a marked difference between the RRPE and EPDM parts.
RPM's chemists are currently at work on RRPE engine mounts and encapsulated suspension pieces.
Wray x x x x x (Derived from Lee 2000a, Table 2) A Participated in Post Keynesian sessions under URPE, AFEE and ASE at ASSA, 1986-95 B Participated in non-PK URPE, AFEE, and ASE sessions at ASSA, 1986-95, and in AFIT sessions, 1986-94 C Subscribed to JEI, 1988 D Published in JEI, 1986-95 E Subscribed to RSE, 1987 F Published in RSE, 1986-95 G Subscribed to RRPE, 1990-91 (incomplete) H Published in RRPE, 1986-95 I Editor or Member of Editorial Board of JEI, RSE, RRPE, 1986-95