RRPIReadiness and Range Preservation Initiative
RRPIResidential Rental Price Index (UK)
RRPIRapu Rapu Processing, Inc. (Albay, Philippines)
RRPIRenewables Research and Policy Institute (various locations)
RRPIReverse Range Pressure Indicator
RRPIRecruiting and Retention Promotional Item
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Next, I used the recommended sentence, in years, as the outcome variable, an approach that estimates the magnitude and not just the direction of the sentencing distinctions between the defendants and the RRPI's effect on those distinctions (column 4).
A reasonable interpretation of these results is that receiving the RRPI score caused at least some subjects to emphasize recidivism risk more, relative to other sentencing considerations, than they would have otherwise.
But order did not significantly affect the relative sentences given or the effect of the RRPI.
Gets of Years Gets Higher Higher Sentences ** ([dagger] Sentence Sentence ([dagger] [dagger] ([dagger]) ([dagger]) [dagger]) [dagger]) RRPI -0.603 * 0.710 * 0.662 ** -0.871 Score (0.305) (0.284) (0.257) (0.733) Given High- -0.711 Risk (0.473) High- 1.67 * Risk and (0.61) RRPI Score Given ([dagger]) Probit regressions of indicators for giving the "low-risk" or "high-risk" defendant, respectively, a higher sentence.
The main goal of the RRPI is to ensure that both munitions and their constituents are exempt from CERCLA and RCRA hazardous waste classifications as long as they remain on operational ranges.
Finally, the RRPI seeks a three-year extension in the DOD's obligation to demonstrate compliance with state plans to meet CAA standards for ozone, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter.
However, state attorneys general disagree with the DOD's reading, and have expressed concern that the RRPI would effectively mean states could not require the DOD to take any action to address munitions-related contamination on a range--even if that contamination were to migrate offsite and contaminate drinking water supplies--unless regulators could prove imminent and substantial endangerment from the contamination.
"If they are not, and [migrating contamination] endangers public health, the proposed RRPI provisions will not apply.
But the DOD is still committed to its RRPI goals, which it maintains are necessary in order to sustain military readiness.