RRPSRio Rancho Public Schools (Rio Rancho, NM)
RRPSReady Reinforcement Personnel Section
RRPSRolls-Royce Production System
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Seeds from each of four RRPS cycles of C0 bahiagrass, (Pensacola originating from Wide Gene Population), C4, C9 (Tifton 9), and C23 were obtained from G.
Phenotypic crown vigor ratings made among plants in the greenhouse representing the four RRPS bahiagrass selection cycles indicated that maximum crown vigor occurred in both C4 and C9 in Exp.
Werner and Burton (1991) attributed these changes to the RRPS breeding method used to select increased forage production of space-plant populations which favored upright (smaller crown diameter) over prostrate plant growth habit.
Friedrichshafen, Germany-based RRPS, former Tognum AG, is a top global player in reciprocating engine, as well as propulsion and distributed energy systems, with some 11,000 employees.
Rolls-Royce sees RRPS as a valuable addition to its Marine and Industrial Power Systems division, operating in long-term growth markets with a world class technology, the buyer's CEO John Rishton said, adding that the acquired business brings scale and capability to his company's reciprocating engines portfolio.
The carmaker will continue developing its business with diesel engines and cooperate with Rolls-Royce and RRPS, it has also noted.
As sole owner, Rolls-Royce will be able to strengthen RRPS by contributing more of its own activities and technologies.
These populations were advanced one RRPS cycle per year with no germplasm added beginning in 1972 for A, 1980 for B, and 1988 for E.
The SPPP test was designed as a 1-yr test to measure the annual progress resulting from a cycle of RRPS breeding applied to a population of Ph plants (Burton, 1985).
Because average SPYs in 1991 and 1992 were only about half as large as those in the other three years (Table 1), a 5-yr average could not represent the effects of RRPS on the classification of the SPYs by weight and satisfy the chi-square test.