RRRRRaritan River Rail Road
RRRRReduction, Readiness, Response, Recovery (emergency preparedness)
RRRRRound Robin Resume Review (Indiana University; Bloomington, IN)
RRRRRare Medium Corp. (NASDAQ stock symbol)
RRRRRefuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (waste management)
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The din of many voices was too great; all he could hear was: "ahahah!" and "rrrr!"
Although students are 'firmly at the heart of this Government's vision for education from high chair to higher education' and continuous schooling if public policy does not address a 'whole of community' approach to RRRR education the educational gap may continue to widen between RRRR and metro counterparts.
Thus, the addition of points to the group by the Market was contingent on IBC combinations RGGG (addition of 36 points) and GGGG (addition of 60 points) and the subtraction of points was contingent on IBC combinations RRRG (subtraction of 36 points) and RRRR (subtraction of 60 points).
oStatus: Sexbomb Bets is putting the 'rrrr' into the WRU and is in her element preening our burly rugby boys
Gallo); "Community Organizing: Pedagogy of Co-Learning" (Regina Curry); "Color Is Only Skin Deep But Knowledge Production Goes to the Bone: A Counter-Story of Continuing Professional Education (CPE)" (Laurel Jeris); and "The Role of Continuing Professional Education in Lifelong Learning: The RRRR [Reflection, Reciprocal Learning, Research/Resource, and Responsibility] Method" (Catherine Brady, et al.).
The Pf in monoculture of resistant soybean (RRRR) was higher than in resistant soybean annually rotated with corn (CRCR and RCRC).
Rare Medium (Nasdaq: RRRR) announced the extension of its existing alliance with Sun Microsystems Inc.
(KAE629) GLENN MEYERS, CEO of RARE MEDIUM GROUP INC (RRRR), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Although he described the pattern as a simple sequence of four colors, excluding the peddler's checked cap and ignoring the repetition within each color, I took for granted that he "saw" the broader pattern of c, gggg, yyyy, bbbb, rrrr. The illustration led Neil to draw on his previous knowledge of patterning to describe the peddler's caps.
Amid ringing telephones, demands for coffee, and the rrrr of uncooperative machines, the secretary dashes from one task to the other, trying to keep everyone happy, What emerges is a portrait of a lonely, frustrated woman who is dealing with her own personal tragedy while juggling the requirements of those in control.
Each stereocenter can be either R or S configuration, and hence, the possible combinations are RRRR, RRSS, RRRS, RRSR, SSRR, SSSS, SSRS, SSSR, RSRR, RSSS, RSRS, RSSR, SRRR, SRSS, SRRS, and SRSR configurations.
Under Hypothesis (ii), HG276-7 and HG317-21 would be simplex (Rrrr) for the presence of rhizomes, G31276 and G31317 would be triplex (RRRr) and AG-S4 would be nulliplex (rrrr).