RRRSResource Recovery Rebate Scheme (Australia)
RRRSRoyal Rife Research Society
RRRSRisk Rescue Rating Scale
RRRSRokupr Rice Research Station (Sierra Leone)
RRRSRapid Runway Repair System
RRRSRiver Road Rescue Squad (Piscataway, NJ)
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THE reduction in the banks' reserve requirement ratio (RRR) is 'credit-positive' for the local banking system, as it will push banks to release funds cost-effectively, the international credit watcher said.
It is believed that the capital released through the move will be one of the smallest from any of the RRR cuts since January 2018.
Compared with the Increasing Use group, Veterans in the Decreasing Use group were less likely to live 50 miles or more from the nearest VA facility (RRR = 0.58, CI = 0.37-0.91; see Table S1).
2003) to combine the prefecture-specific RRs or RRRs into summary RRs or RRRs for the less affected ([less than or equal to] 10% reduction in electricity consumption) and most affected (>10% reduction) prefectures by cause of deaths and age.
Subjects with a positive perception of their health status were less likely to have D versus noD than those perceiving their health as poor (showing an almost 87% decrease in the RRR of having D as opposed to noD).
Many long-term unemployed young people are among the most difficult cases, needing work from scratch on education and skills, even just the basic three RRRs. Then on top of this are complex mental health and psychological hills that need to be climbed.
It argued that some of these inflows are equity related (small in my view relative to bonds) and that the introduction of the Reserve Operations Mechanism (ROM) gave much more scope for banks and indeed the CBRT to manage FX liquidity - the idea is that banks have flexibility to switch between TRY, FX and gold in RRRs, depending on liquidity conditions.
The CBR left key policy rates unchanged, but tweaked the RRRs, which should have a neutral policy impact.
The relative-risk ratios (RRRs) for wage employment and nonemployment are shown, relative to the self-employment outcome, along with the marginal effects for all outcomes.
The RRRs in Exhibit 4 are reported to indicate the relative risks of preventable and referral-sensitive admissions compared to marker admissions.
Table 6 reports the relative risk ratios (RRRs) for the determinants of qualification mismatch, using the WSA and JA approaches.
Adjusted Relative Risk Ratios (RRRs) (<<Stata Services>>, 2009) and their 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) were calculated for the variables of interest.