RRSRRadio Reading Service of the Rockies (Colorado)
RRSRRecognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk (behavioral science)
RRSRRetro Red Square Recall (Florida)
RRSRRural Road Surfacing Research (Ministry of Transport; Vietnam)
RRSRRiffle, Riffle, Strip, Riffle (cards)
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Each stereocenter can be either R or S configuration, and hence, the possible combinations are RRRR, RRSS, RRRS, RRSR, SSRR, SSSS, SSRS, SSSR, RSRR, RSSS, RSRS, RSSR, SRRR, SRSS, SRRS, and SRSR configurations.
Once these deductions are made, the net amount of the payment can be transferred to the employee's RRSR The employer can then reduce the employee's remuneration by the amount transferred before calculating the tax to be withheld on future payments.