RRWHranting right wing howler
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Study area includes two villages; one from district Battagram and, other from Bagh where RRWH project has been initiated.
RRWH technology has been executed in Saroona, a village of Allai which is one of the two Tehsils, or subdivisions, of Battagram district.
Survey of present study has been carried out from, Chitra Topi, which is the project site of RRWH. It is a village of union council Topi in district Bagh.
Population of the present study is based on two groups; the one provided with RRWH systems is called the "treated group", while the other using the traditional water supply sources within the same localities is entitled the "control group".
These variables includes; their Ages, Education, Social Activities Time, Sleeping Time, and Distance from Water Source, Per Day Time for Water Fetching, Persons Involved in Water Fetching, Daily Saved Time due to RRWH and its spending are included.
It is based on women saving of time which become possible after getting installed the RRWH System.
Using OLS technique study analysed the impact of RRWH technology on women time allocation.
Amongst the explanatory variables Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting 'RRWH' is a dummy which is used as proxy for 'RRWH' where '1' stands for treated group and '0' for the control group.
It is important to mention here that might be total saved time was not being fully utilised, but even if women are using part of that time saving, still it is resourceful and it enhances the wellbeing of communities which are using RRWH technology.
Present study is the assessment of RRWH technology to investigate the impact of technology on women time allocation.
Second part is based on econometric analysis which yielded that there is significant positive impact of RRWH technology on women time allocation.