RRWSRed River Watercolor Society
RRWSRight Rear Wheel Speed
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Designed to carry up to seven TALONs, the self-contained RRWS incorporates an electro-optical sensor and laser designator, together weighing about 500 pounds.
In a press release of September 10, the Senate Appropriations Committee stated that its Defense Appropriations Subcommittee deleted the Navy's request for funds listed as RRW from its mark of the defense appropriations bill.
It would be impossible to hide an operation that removes warheads from ICBMs and transports them back to the base, so the Air Force would use a large security force as a show of force even with RRWs. Enhanced use control features, though, would create more options for security forces in dealing with an accident or an attack.
raise questions about RRWs because they would be untested, and may
CRws and RRws were converted to a standard animal of 1 g tissue dry weight using the following equation (Bayne & Newell 1983):
There are other little known features of the Enduring Stockpile, such as the National Nuclear Security Administration's Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) program (RRW).
By reducing the likelihood of the need to return to underground nuclear testing, RRW [the Reliable Replacement Warhead] makes it more likely that the United States would be able to continue its voluntary nuclear testing moratorium.
The NNSA request document presents details of the DOD-NNSA plan for RRW. In November 2006, (92) according to the document,
In the FY2008 budget cycle, Congress eliminated FY2008 funds for NNSA to develop RRW and asked for several reports on nuclear posture and policy, the last of which is due in December 2009.
discussed linking CTBT and RRW. (115) Since then, RRW's support in
On July 14, the Senate Appropriations Committee reported the FY2009 energy-water appropriations bill, with no funds for RRW. On June 25, the House Appropriations Committee marked up the FY2009 energy-water appropriations bill; its mark contained no funding for RRW.