RRYSRay Rairdon Yacht Sales (Seattle, WA)
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(For example, if the source is V and the destination is D, V does not have any information about D.) Set a waiting duration time for [alpha] RRY. If [alpha] receives an RRY before the duration time, goes to step 4.
Step 4) on receiving [alpha] RRY, a sends its data packet to the destination along the path that just discovered by the REQ.
Step 1) If [beta] is the destination of the REQ, then [beta] prepares and sends a RRY packet to the source node along the path just found by the REQ; Stop.
If there is a path entry that contains the destination, then [beta] prepares a RRY packet that contains the path stored in the REQ + path from [beta] to the destination, and sends the RRY to the source node by reversing the path in the REQ.