RSAARefugee Status Appeals Authority (New Zealand)
RSAAResearch School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Australian National University)
RSAARuns Saved Above Average (arcane baseball stat)
RSAARoyal Society for Asian Affairs (UK)
RSAARegional Substance Abuse Authority (Idaho, USA)
RSAARunway Safety Airport Assessment
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Here the 3D graphs of surface viewer for the RAIA, TVDA, RSAA, DUM, PVAM and output OA are presented in the Fig.
(162) Refugee Appeal No 76044 (11 September 2008), [2008] NZAR 719 at para 90 (NZ RSAA), online: < 200809ll_76044.pdf>.
The New Zealand RSAA standard reflects another trend: that relaxation of the stringent stance on economic claims is correlated with an increasing acknowledgement of the importance of human rights and the incorporation of human rights doctrine into the international perspective on the status of refugees.
For example, despite setting a strict standard, the New Zealand RSAA included denial of the ability to work as persecution if it constituted "degrading treatment." (136)
(135.) See Anderson, supra note 123, at 132 (observing that the New Zealand RSAA explicitly affirmed the inviolability of human dignity in its interpretation of "particular social group").
It is also known that rSAA induces the expression of iNOS (inducible-nitric oxide synthase) [13] and primes cells for the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) [14].
Demonstration of a direct activity of rSAA on the invasiveness of tumor cells is limited to a single study that showed the induction of MMP-9 and invasiveness promoted by rSAA in a renal cell carcinoma line [16].
When 70% confluent, the cells were synchronized for 48 h and stimulated with 0.1, 1, 5, and 20 [micro]g/mL of human recombinant SAA1 (rSAA) (PeproTech Inc.
The cells were treated with 20 [micro]g/mL of rSAA and the migration of cells in the presence of SAA was compared with migration of control cells during 24 h.
The RSAA Adaptive Authentication solution and the RSAA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite from RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), have been certified to meet the security requirements defined by the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS).
Through risk indicators powered by the RSAA Risk Engine, such as device identification, IP geo-location, behavioral profiling, and fraud data from the RSA eFraudNetworkTM community Adaptive Authentication is able to protect government portals against advanced cyber threats.
The Suite includes RSAA Data Loss Prevention Endpoint, RSAA Data Loss Prevention Network, and RSAA Data Loss Prevention Datacenter -- all managed by the RSA Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Manager.