RSACIRecreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet
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"There is only one reason for a rating system: to enable filtering software that targets controversial or unpopular speech." Whether an internationalized RSACi can win more adherents than the Bertelsmann Memo remains to be seen.
Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet (RSACi):
MSNBC experimented in self-rating its news site with the RSACi system beginning in late 1996.
The coalition originally proposed this solution: In addition to the RSACi categories of sex, nudity, violence and language, a fifth labeling system called RSAC News would give readers the option of allowing in or screening out all news sites; the reader would simply switch the news label on or off.
Currently, only Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 browser can recognize the RSACi ratings.
The different categories in the RSACi rating scheme include: violence, nudity, sex and language.
Since then, RSAC has created a new rating system for the Internet (RSACi), which separates nudity and sex as separate dimensions.
At press time, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 was the only Web browser to implement a rating system (RSACi).
There are plans for all sites to comply with global ratings systems, such as the US-based RSACi (