RSAMDRoyal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Supporters of RSAMD fear that the need to make pounds 600,000 of savings, announced earlier this year, will compromise standards at the Glasgow-based institution.
Last night, a source at the RSAMD said: "We are delighted one of our students has landed such a high-profile role so early in their career."
He worked on 15 shows during his first year at NTC and said the course had been invaluable in helping him to secure a place at RSAMD.
"The teachers at Dunfermline were the first ones to say that this was something I could do as a career and I was like, 'What, make money from this?' "They told me about drama school and RSAMD. I thought RSAMD was the only school in the world so I auditioned there, the rightful place for any Scot to go to."
Other contemporaries at RSAMD were Billy Boyd, who went on to play Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Daniella Nardini, who found fame in cult drama This Life, among other things.
But the Big Yin, a former shipyard welder, left school at 15, while Annie famously dropped out of the RSAMD, where she was studying music, in the early 1980s.
RSAMD principal John Wallace said said: "Their presence will send an important message of encouragement to our students from the peaks of the professional attainment - you can do it too."
The Prince of Wales yesterday became the first person to receive a new honorary degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD).
She went to RSAMD in Glasgow and was marked out as a potential star of the future before adverse training ruined her voice.
RSAMD graduate Tom added: "Moviemakers are always nervous when they take over a book character who has been loved by generations but their gamble certainly paid off with Paddington