RSAUMRemington Short Action Ultra Mag (rifle type)
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Caption: Unlike its closest competitor, the wildcat 6.5 RSAUM, the 6.5 PRC doesn't use a rebated rim.
("Data for the RSAUM, a non-SAAMI cartridge, comes from Copper Creek Cartridge Company.) Trajectories based on 200-yard zero.
The only limiting factor is the magazine, one reason the 7mm RSAUM was chosen.
THE PAST FEW "YEARS HAVE SEEN THE INTRODUCTION OF A BEWILdering array of new cartridges, adding an alphabet soup of acronyms to the shooter's lexicon: RUMs, RSAUMs, WSMs, WSSMs, RCMs and more.
Magnum bolt face: 7mm and .300 RSAUM, .243 WSSM, 7mm and .300 WSM.
With a 2.015-inch case the RSAUM would fit into any action, including Remington's little Model Seven action.
Using less powder coupled with improved combustion, a .300 WSM or .300 RSAUM in a rifle weighing less that 7 pounds delivers a level of felt recoil on the order of a .30-'06 rather than that of a .300 Win.
I have shot two identical Model Sevens chambered for the .300 RSAUM side-by-side.
The 7mm and .300 RSAUM cases with a length of 2.015 inches are slightly shorter than the WSM cases that measure 2.10 inches.
A mature nilgai bull is 500 pounds of tough muscle on the hoof, and I was hunting him on the 777 Ranch in Texas for the purposes of testing Remington's new 150-grain bonded Core-Lokt Ultra bullet in the .300 RSAUM. On this hunt, three bulls were taken with three shots, and only one of the new bonded Core-Lokt bullets was recovered.
The question as to why they went forward with the RSAUMs is often asked.