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In this study two types of bioorganic were used the bioorganic Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) and Real Strong Bioorganic Fertilizer (RSBF).
Preparation of bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3: The preparation was similar to those in (i) where different ratios of bioorganic RSFB to Phlebia GanoEF3 was prepared in order to find the suitable ratio that would yield the highest value of colony forming unit per gram (CFU g-1).
3; (RSBF-treated seedlings)###Seedlings treated with Bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3 (10 g of RSBF: 50 g of fungus Phlebia GanoEF3)
Viability of bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3: Viability test for Bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3 was also conducted over eight month storage period.
In the comparison to determine the best product of Bioorganic containing Phlebia GanoEF3 it was found that there is no significant difference (ANOVA pgreater than 0.05) between the viability of Bioorganic EFB Phlebia GanoEF3 (30:30 g) and Bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3 (10:50 g).
However the growth of the oil palm seedlings treated with Bioorganic EFB Phlebia GanoEF3 (EFB-treated seedlings) and Bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3 (RSBF- treated seedlings) significantly increased (ANOVA pless than 0.05) compared with untreated seedlings after four months of experiment.
7 proved that Bioorganic EFB Phlebia GanoEF3 and Bioorganic RSBF Phlebia GanoEF3 showed good potential to enhance the growth of oil palm seedlings.
Therefore we have developed the ideal formulation of bioorganic fertilizers which are EFB and RSBF incorporated with endophytic fungi then the capability of these formulation as growth enhancer were studied.
On the other hand EFB and RSBF also increased the plant growth because they contains high value nutrient.