RSBIRapid Shallow Breathing Index
RSBIReporting Structure for Biological Investigations (Microarray Gene Expression Data Society)
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A recent study of 60 patients without CSCI in a medical intensive care unit revealed that RSBI was significantly lower when patients were placed on 5 cm [H.
A significant difference in RSBI occurred between SBT following TCO versus SBT following SCO.
Increases in RSBI (maximum 105) reflect a progressive decline in ventilatory capacity as SBT proceeds.
This value should typically be greater than 20-25 cmH2O and is best performed after the RSBI.
Typically the RSBI is greater than 104, the MIP is greater than 20 and the PaO2/FiO2 ration is greater than 300.
George Gaffney, manager of RSBI, added: "Stephen really has an excellent attitude and shows a remarkable keenness to learn his trade.
The prudent clinician will incorporate these various elements: inspection, auscultation, time constant, plateau pressure, mean airway pressure, airways resistance, lung compliance, RSBI and P/F ratio into a comprehensive assessment dashboard from which a clear plan of care will emerge.
As well as producing things such as kitchens and office equipment, the RSBI also have a soft furnishings division for three-piece suites and a new timber frame kit section for the construction industry.
RSBI learning centre manager Audrey McJimpsey said: "We're always keen to take on more people, though places can be limited at times.
In patients with abnormal chest mechanics, the frequency to tidal volume ratio starts high, and increased effort often lifts the RSBI quickly into a high range--as in the abnormal, de-conditioned heart.
Interesting to note is the fact that the predictive utility of the f/Vt, (RSBI), after 30 minutes of an SBT was far superior to the RSBI measured in the first 2 minutes of the SBT.
Again, the RSBI has been the most reliable monitored value associated with extubation outcomes.