RSCPAReduced (second order) Self-Consistent Phonon Approximation
RSCPARenville Sibley Co-Op Power Association (Danube, MN)
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An RSCPA spokesman said: "We are working alongside police after 12 terriers, including three injured dogs, were seized earlier this month."
And what of the RSCPA, the other supposedly acceptable face of welfare with a connection to horseracing?
The RSCPA's Bryn y Maen Animal Centre near Colwyn Bay is selling its own Valentine's cards for pounds 10, every penny of which will be put towards keeping a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig fed, watered and vaccinated for a week.
'We just want to find them good homes where we know they can enjoy a life they deserve.' WHAT THE RSCPA FOUND: n56 cats
Both sisters were also ordered to pay pounds 500 each to the RSCPA towards the cost of keeping the 83 dogs since they were seized last October.
Campbell, 43, and Gerry, 21, called RSCPA inspectors to their home in Hallow Drive, Throckley, in January this year, after the death of their pet, as they "didn't know what to do".
RSCPA bosses hope to find him a new home next year once he has gained enough weight.
"I'm grateful to the RSPCA and everyone who responded to their appeal." Will Galvin, the RSCPA's animal collection officer, said: "We love happy endings and it was great to be able to return this chameleon home.
RSCPA inspector Trevor Walker confirmed the albino corn snake is still missing.
THE RSCPA is investigating after two "identical" kittens were rescued in North Yorkshire in unusual circumstances, four miles apart.