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RSCSRemote Source Control System
RSCSRemote Spooling and Control Subsystem
RSCSRemote Spooling Communications System
RSCSRadiation Safety and Control Services (Stratham, NH)
RSCSRemote Spooling Communication Subsystem
RSCSRestricted Substances Compliance Solutions (product safety; Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.)
RSCSRelational Self-Concept Scale (adolescents)
RSCSRod Sequence Control System (nuclear power)
RSCSRegional Sample Control Center
RSCSResonance Spontaneous Combination Scattering
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At the same time, there was no undue injury caused to the government since there was indeed a public bidding conducted for the project, and RSCS happened to be the lowest bidder.
Sandiganbayan also said that they also found no malice in the LGU's decision to pay RSCS since the project was 60.5 percent complete when payment was made.
Laboratory evaluations were conducted for the Next Gen RSCS at three independent research facilities: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)'s Thermal Testing Laboratory in Knoxville, TN; PG&E's Applied Technology Services in San Ramon, CA; and University of California, Davis' Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC) in Davis, CA.
The four key features of an RSC are: (1) a boundary, which differentiates it from its neighbours; (2) an anarchic structure, which means that it must be composed of two or more autonomous units; (3) polarity, which relates to the distribution of power among the units; and (4) social construction, which covers the patterns of amity and enmity among the units (ibid: 53).
Most RSCs assign an area facility operations specialist (AFOS) to complete the report worksheets and enter them into the ISR database, but tenants may be assigned the additional duty of gathering information and filling out the worksheets.
The rotor back EMF voltage exceeds the voltage rating of the rotor-side converter (RSC) and makes the RSC lose control over rotor current under severe voltage dip conditions.
Once referred to the United States, one of the nine PRM-funded overseas Resettlement Support Centers (RSCs) interviews the refugee and prepares information on his or her story of persecution.
Some approaches divide the world into distinct and durable regional security complexes (RSCs), each of which, while being tied to the larger global system, also has its own particular security dynamics.
Petronas is working to attract new investment opportunities and reverse production declines by enhancing output from existing fields through advanced EOR techniques and developing small, marginal fields through risk service contracts (RSCs).
This includes two BCJR decoders, one for each of the RSCs, a random interleaver ([pi]) and its corresponding deinterleaver ([[pi].sup.-1]).