RSCURelative Synonymous Codon Usage
RSCURespiratory Special Care Unit (healthcare)
RSCUReligious Society of Czech Unitarians
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The codon number, frequency (%), and RSCU of Pinctadafucata martensii mitochondrial protein-coding genes.
Relative synonymous codon usage (RSCU) [14] is one of the most widely used parameters for querying the pattern of synonymous codon usage across genes and genomes without confounding influence of the amino acid composition.
The codon usage bias measures, namely, RSCU, ENC, GCs, Fop, and CAI for each coding sequence, were estimated in our study by using an in-house Perl program developed by SC.
In an attempt to find out the nature of codon usage bias in the genes under study, the RSCU values of the 59 codons were analyzed (Table 3).
In quest for possible under- and over-representation of codons, RSCU values were sorted from lower to higher values.
(3) To evaluate the degree of objectivity of the Clavien-Dindo classification for grading the postoperative complications of endoscopic treatment of nephrolithiasis and evaluating the surgical procedures performed in the RSCU.
The case histories of 1027 patients (597 men, 58.1% and 430 women, 41.9%), with ages ranging from 4 to 84 (38.9[+ or -]15.6) years, who presented stones located in the upper urinary tract and who underwent endoscopic surgery at the RSCU from 2008 to 2010 were studied.
Postoperative complications after endoscopic surgery of nephrolithiasis at the RSCU according to the Clavien-Dindo grading system Grade Cases I 64 (62%) 42 cases who presented a hematuria on the nephrostomic tube or during micturition, requiring additional infusion and/or diuretics; 19 cases of a one-day fever above 38[degrees]C that required antipyretics; 3 cases of the drainage Ming out, without the need for an additional intervention but with the need for observation.
In the RSCU, the patients who present sepsis and SIRS go on to be treated in the Department of Urology, and the patients with other forms of sepsis are treated in the intensive care unit.
In order to represent the effect of synonymous mutations on codon usage bias, the RSCU value was analyzed (Table 2).
Codon usage of synonymous mutations in the coding NLRP3 gene RSCU = Relative synonymous codon usage.
General practitioners of a primary health care actively participated together with RSCU doctors in inspection of the population and questionnaire filling and conducted the physical survey of respondents.