RSDLPRussian Social Democratic Labor Party
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The RSDLP, Mensheviks and Bolsheviks alike, openly discussed membership figures at their party congresses even though the party was illegal and infiltrated from top to bottom by the Tsarist secret police.
Unlike the ISO's slow, linear growth, the RSDLP grew (and shrank) exponentially with the ups and downs of the Russian class struggle.
The Trudoviks and RSDLP responded by holding party meetings ahead of Vyborg, but followed a Kadet lead.
The Trudoviks and the RSDLP called for a joint meeting of all forces.
The defeat of the revolutionary wave and a triumphant reaction destroy the RSDLP mass base within Russia.
The Boishevik party outstrips the incohesive remnants of the non-Bolshevik RSDLP.