RSDWPRussian Social Democratic Workers Party (political party; Russia)
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He furthermore tended to see workers on the party committees as a security risk, which was a common enough position for RSDWP intelligenty cadres to take.
As for my sources, there is the considerable problem that the papers of the Transcaucasian RSDWP of the years in question are most likely lost.
What he did emphasize, however, was that it was the RSDWP as a whole--including its worker members--that introduced scientific consciousness among the worker masses.
In Koba's model, the role of workers in the RSDWP remained that of spreading the "scientific" product that the intelligenty produced.
In a way, this was a paean to them: Koba concluded that "only the proletariat gives birth to heroes like Telia." But, significantly, in a list of traits most characteristic of the RSDWP and eminently shared by Telia, "thirst for knowledge" came first, to be followed by steadfastness and moral fiber.
Stalin observed a continuity between his struggle against workerism in the RSDWP and the challenges he faced in the 1930s.