RSELRegistrable Superannuation Entity Licensee
RSELRemote Sensing and Ecology Lab
RSELRemote Sensing of Environment Laboratory (Germany)
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RSEL is for combining and reusing robot services that is abstracted from heterogeneous robotic devices.
RSEL Document //Combined with robot services <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <RSEL layer="robotService" name="Boothguide" ...
Also, RSEL document generation process is shown in alphabets (a)~ [C]).
(2) Depending on RSEL, available robot services are distributed.
(3) Subservices described in RSEL document for executing BoothGuide service are sent to Instruction Handler in order.
This information is extracted by CAWL parser and sent to RSEL component in Figure 8.