RSEMRemote Scanning Electron Microscopy (US NASA)
RSEMRègles de Surveillance en Exploitation des Matériels Mécaniques (French: Operating Rules of Surveillance Equipment Mechanics)
RSEMRelative Standard Error of the Mean
RSEMRecursive Structural Equation Model
RSEMRecurrent Spinal Epidural Metastases
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RSEM: accurate transcript quantification from RNA-Seq data with or without a reference genome.
In order to find DEGs, gene expression of each sample was calculated as FPKM with RSEM and the DEGs were identified using the DEGseq algorithms.
Table 1 Fragments per kilobase per million reads (FPKM) values reveal that opsin transcripts are abundant in the cerebral ganglion (CG) and are lowly expressed or absent in the subesophageal ganglion (SEG), thoracic ganglia (T7-9), and abdominal ganglia (A1-6) Opsin sequence CG SEG T7-9, A1-6 NoTranscript20086 95.02 0.07 0 NoTranscript27188 36.66 0.05 0.02 NoTranscript27696g1 20.75 0 0 NoTranscript27696g2 121.74 0.05 0 FPKM values were determined from the transcriptome RNA-Seq by Expectation Maximization (RSEM) analysis (Li and Dewey, 2011), as described in the text.
RPKM value was used to show expression level in stomach cancer; on the other hand RSEM value was used in the other organs' cancers.
Modified Theil inequality coefficients results between the regional structural econometric model (RSEM) and random walk and random walk with drift benchmarks are in Table 2.3.
tequilana were calculated by RSEM software according to the previous study [23, 30].
Gene expression level was estimated through the Trinity pipeline (Version 2.2.0), with RNA-sequencing by expectation maximization (RSEM) as the transcript quantification method.
Gene expression analysis was performed via RNA-seq by expectationmaximization (RSEM) [39].
The expression data were obtained as processed RNA-seq data in the form of RNA-seq by Expectation Maximization (RSEM) [22].
The expression levels of the unigenes were quantified by RSEM software [21] and calculated as FPKM [22].