RSEPRegional Scholar Exchange Program
RSEPResources for the Scientific Evaluation of the Paranormal
RSEPRegional Security Education Program
RSEPRegistry Services Evaluation Process (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
RSEPRudder System Enhancement Program (Boeing aircraft)
RSEPRising Sun Entertainment & Productions (Boardman, OH)
RSEPRural Science Education Program (Oregon State University)
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O modelo construido com o intervalo 11 para o espectro dividido em 12 partes produziu os menores valores de RMSECV (Figura 2) e RMSEP (RSEP = 1,30%).
Modelo Variaveis Intervalos VLs RSEP [R.sup.2 totais BMZ (%)] PLS 3000 -- 3 1,70 0,9969 iPLS 250 11 5 1,37 0,9974 siPLS 500 9, 13 e 18 6 1,30 0,9983
The high correlation ([R.sup.2] = 0.96) between the experimental data and the predicted amounts of the response and also the low RMSEP (0.52) and RSEP (1.02) support the adequacy of the developed quadratic model in predictive uses.
Moreover, the experimental data resulted from these four sets combined with their predicted values of the model were used to calculate the correlation coefficient, RMSEP, and RSEP values.
"Every port visit is a forward engagement in diplomacy, and we've always encouraged our men and women to be good overseas ambassadors," commented retired Vice Admiral Phil Quast, RSEP strategic advisor.
In the future, RSEP could be expanded from the Arabian Gulf focus to include Northeast and Southeast Asia.
Tom Zelibor summed up, "RSEP was extremely valuable to the battle group.