RSETRequired Safe Egress Time (fire safety)
RSETRod Surface Elevation Table (geology)
RSETRepeated Submaximal Exercise Test
RSETReceive Signal Element Timing
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where: [z.sub.i] (i=1,2..., k) - heights of the point, k--size of the Rset or Gset,
ASET is compared with the product of the assigned safety factor and RSET. Hence, the safety factor method can be considered a deterministic method.
By simply changing the values of the RSET resistors located between the FB and VSS pins, the output current can be varied.
objectRetrieval(R-tree R, rectangle r, Constraint C, int [Tau]) FOR each projection p DO ([b.sub.L], [b.sub.R]) = getBits(C [down arrow] p, [Tau]); [W.sub.min] [down arrow] p = Calculate_Window([b.sub.L], [b.sub.R], r [down arrow] p); /* calculate minimal intersection window using [b.sub.L], [b.sub.R] */ rectangleSet rset = R.windowQuery([W.sub.min]n); /* apply window query using [W.sub.min] */ FOR each V [element of] rset DO IF d(C, R(V,r)) [is less than or equal to] [Tau] THEN output V; As an example, consider again that r = a, C = [R.sub.000001100-100000000, while [Tau] = 2.
LSET or RSET places the variable to the left or right margin of the space specified for it.
he rset , dtrs Sure, there were great wins for Luton, MK Dons and Oldham, but their Premier League victims all played weakened teams.
For this reason, these models have been largely applied for estimating the RSET (Required Safe Egress Time), instead of the use of hand calculations approach.
The rset can be a tatol mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
Paesle gvie the bnaetr a rset and stuj cecnttoarne on fylnig the rdudy pnlae.