RSFBRenovare Spiritual Formation Bible
RSFBRising Sons Flute Band
RSFBRabbit Foot Spasm Band (UK band)
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For Treatment 3 (RSBF-treated seedlings) all methods were similar to those in the second treatment with the exception of the product where Bioorganic RSFB Phlebia GanoEF3 was used.
When mSFB and rSFB were inoculated into GF mice, both SFBs colonized almost equally both the small and large intestines.
As described above, mSFB and rSFB have stringent host-specificity regarding adhesion to epithelial cells and immune stimulation.
Currently, there are no known methods of completely preventing RSFB. However, the increasing knowledge of risk factors for RSFB, the use of modern technology (i.e., radio-frequency tagging of surgical sponges), and better perioperative patient processing systems (improved surgical team communication, multiple "checks and balances") may ultimately help minimize the incidence of retained surgical foreign body.