RSFCRec Sport Football College
RSFCRoute Switch Feature Card (Cisco)
RSFCRoby Sixth Form College (UK)
RSFCRoyal Selangor Flying Club (est. 1933; Malaysia)
RSFCRima Secretarial Finishing College (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
RSFCRepublic of Singapore Flying Club (est. 1928)
RSFCRiverstone Fútbol Club (Boise, ID)
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For RSFC analyses, in this study, we examined correlations associated with the area in the left STG, which is the main crux of the hypothesis, as described in the Introduction.
For group-level imaging analyses, during each whole brain analysis of RSFC, fALFF, and FA, posttraining values of each voxel in the training with TCSSL group were compared with those in the control group using one-way analyses of covariance (ANCOVAs), with the pretraining value of each voxel scored as a covariate.
Consistent with this hypothesis, we find that MORE was associated with strengthening in rsFC between the ACC and OFC, regions involved in striatal modulation and appraisal processes, respectively.
Among smokers in the MORE condition, rsFC between rACC and OFC strengthened from baseline to 8 weeks post-MORE, whereas the control group evidenced weaker rsFC between these regions.
Compared to relaxation training without a mindfulness component, mindfulness meditation training increased rsFC between the DMN and the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, suggesting that mindfulness meditation training may couple one's resting state DMN with regions implicated in executive control.
Recently, another study used RSFC to examine intrinsic connectivity of the amygdala in FHP adolescents and found relationships between behavior in an emotion-cognition task and functional connectivity between the left amygdala and left superior frontal gyrus (SFG) (Cservenka et al.
However, the RSFC burner flame was stable enough to withstand more diluents than a conventional flame without being extinguished.
Another improvement made to the RSFC burner was altering the method of flue gas injection to permit more gas to be recirculated.
Whole-Brain rsFC Patterns of the Cerebellar Crus II.
Compared with healthy controls, stroke patients showed decreased rsFC between the contralesional cerebellar crus II and the ipsilesional DLPFC and between the ipsilesional cerebellar crus II and the contralesional caudate nucleus (Figure 3(c) and Table 2).
Furthermore, the plasticity mechanism may also partly explain the increased cortical thickness [14-17], local brain spontaneous activity [18], metabolism and blood flow [19-22], and rsFC [30, 31] in the EB.
In a recent study by our group, we found the rsFC between the early visual areas and S1 was dramatically decreased, while those between the higher-tier visual areas and S1, and between the early and higher-tier visual areas, were relatively preserved or even strengthened in the CB.