RSFIRoller Skating Federation of India (est. 1955)
RSFIRope Skipping Federation of India
RSFIRight Start Foundation International
RSFIRed Shield Family Initiative (Salvation Army)
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One drawback to the RSFI is that it has only been calculated for 2007 and 2009.
On the vertical axis we plot the KIEA, which is our measure for entrepreneurship, and on the horizontal axis we plot the RSFI, which is used to measure overall freedom.
For the past several months, the RSFI Division's Office of Quantitative Research (OQR) has been developing an Accounting Quality Model (AQM).
Because my division has a slightly cumbersome name--which is why you might hear us colloquially called "RiskFin" (though I prefer the more inclusive and accurate RSFI, as you can see)--today in my remarks I thought I'd focus on one word in our magisterial title: "Risk." Risk, particularly as relates to the financial markets, can be a capacious term, and my division certainly touches on many of those various meanings.
To that end, I created RSFI's Office of Quantitative Research (OQR), which develops custom analytics intended to inform monitoring programs across the SEC.